Transformation Tuesday — Brought to You by Belly Bandit


I was kind of a cute preggo, until the end. Here I am at 38 weeks in my husband’s shoes with a big old belly.

I had no intention of posting my postpartum belly images here — mostly, I was terrified I’d never want to see it again, let alone share it with the masses. But when the opportunity arose to try out and review the most popular postpartum girdle on the market, the Belly Bandit, I thought, well, here we go! At 38 weeks, I packed my hospital bag with my BB (as I lovingly call it) on top. The first thing I asked the nurse when she came to check on me after delivery was, “How pregnant do I look?” She pulled aside my gown and said, “About five months.” Okay. Not so bad. I would give myself five more to let it go down, too.


Hospital bag — packed!

The Belly Bandit easily adjusts from when you first give birth and are bigger, to shrink with you. It’s discreet enough to wear under your clothing and offers the added benefit of comfort for your post-baby back. I suffered severe sciatica in my third trimester and it took about three weeks for the pressure to fully alleviate postpartum. Thank you, BB, for making it more bearable.


40 weeks pregnant, about to head to the hospital for induction… and 6 weeks postpartum. Thank you, Belly Bandit!

The compression of the corset felt amazing (and still does!), especially during the day as you walk through life, zombie-like, figuring out how to be the mother of an infant. Now, 7 weeks after delivery, I’ve only been to one yoga class and am still eating quite a bit because b-feeding makes me super-hungry.  I definitely have toning up to do, but I have the Belly Bandit to thank for my awesome head-start.

Read more about how the BB works, and check out their complete line of mama-loving products here. I recently invested in a pair of their Mother Tucker leggings, which make me look rail-thin and are perfect for new mom life. I am obsessed, and about to buy a second pair! (And maybe their nursing bra, too…)

This is an unpaid product review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


3 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday — Brought to You by Belly Bandit

  1. You just inspired me to add BB to my registry! Thank you for sharing! PS: 6 weeks pregnant is not even right. You look fantastic! I only WISH I looked that good at 6 weeks. 🙂

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