Wintry Whimsy

All of this luscious snowfall has me feeling equal parts nostalgic and hopeful for the future. On one hand, I have the sweetest memories of wandering around New York City with Josh on a very snowy day that brought the metropolis to a halt. And on the other, as I see my six-week-old get her first glimpses of powder falling down from behind the safety and warmth of a window, I can’t wait to see her make snow angels one day, and feel the whoosh of glee as she scoots down a big hill on a sled (MANY winters from now, when I get over my own fears and let her).


This little lady tends to look out the window when I’m snapping pics, especially if snow is falling. It’s such a treat to watch her start to discover the world around her.

In the spirit of winter and with an emphasis on bridal as that is our main passion here at this old blog, let’s talk about some ways to make the most of this gorgeous powder if you’re lucky enough for it to fall on your big day. We’ve all seen the stunning Pinterest images of first looks and late-night smooches against a backdrop of falling snow. Is there anything prettier? Make sure you’re ready to face the falling flakes with frizz-resistant hair products (I adore using mousse in the winter — just a spot’ll do ya), a luxe fur to cuddle up in for pictures, and maybe even a hot cocoa bar to warm guests up from the inside out. Also, consider making the interior decor match what’s going on outside with white, shiny details, pops of silver, and maybe even some wintry greenery here and there. Here’s some inspo:


Super-cute idea for a favor; hot cocoa with all the fixings in a tube. You could also do these in the obligatory mason jar! Image via


A basket full of shawls for the guests — try soft pashminas which are easy to find in bulk online!


What’s not to love about a long-sleeve winter wedding gown? This lace design is pure perfection; designed by the inimitable Monique Lhuillier.


If ever there was a time you could play dress-up in a fur cape, your winter wedding is it. Enjoy!


Create a stunning winter wonderful and watch jaws drop. I wish I could go back and marry Josh again in the winter so we could do this!



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