Nail it this Weekend

It’s so weird — today is a Friday that feels like a Monday. Josh worked from home much of the Christmas into New Year’s week and was here with us yesterday. Then this morning after coffee and breakfast he was off. I sat down at my computer with the babe slumbering in the other room and having felt the mental reset button pressed, began writing a Mani Monday piece. It was halfway finished before I snorted realizing it is actually Friday. Is this new-mom syndrome or does today universally feel like a Monday? In any case, here’s what I’m loving for nails right now:

Sara-Alter-Pretty-Please-Polish Bottles

The Pretty Please line was created by Sara Alter, a design school grad who was looking for a custom nail polish to gift her mother and couldn’t find what she sought. They say necessity is the mother of invention and in this case it worked out perfectly. Select a color from their vast collection and name it after its intended recipient. These are great for bachelorette party favors or thank-you’s for the bridesmaids. They also make awesome stocking stuffers but I guess you’ll have to wait a year or so before that train comes around again!

photo 1 (3)

I managed to sneak this snap of my current gel mani while Wills slept on my lap this morning.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a gel mani. I’m currently sporting three shades of gold in mine, with glitter on top. The theme was New Year’s, the idea being, I will be in sweatpants so I may as well have chic nails. Next time you sit down for your gel, ask the nail tech to customize a color for you. Adding glitter as a top layer is the obvious choice but you can also play with creating pastels by adding white, or doing a softer, muted glitter by placing the glitter layer under another coat of a well saturated sheer. Gorgeous!

Or you can plan to do what this new mommy is doing as soon as her gel falls apart. It’s off to Target to nab a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, which is easy to apply at home and offers a gel-like shine. The manicure and pedicure I had over the course of the past two weeks were glorious but they had to be broken up into two sittings. The pedi I spent in the chair holding back tears because I missed my girl who was at home with her dad. And for the mani, Willow was there with my mom and cried the whole time. That was probably worse. Anyway, it’s back to sneaking a DIY while she sleeps for now.

photo 2 (3)

So… about leaving the house for a manicure? No thanks!

If you’re planning a wedding, consider not necessarily matching but coordinating with your bridesmaids in some way. One rockin’ bride whose nuptials I attended a couple years ago encouraged her girls to all pick different bold shades of blue, green, and purple to offset their white lace dresses. Gosh, was that gorgeous! Have some fun — and remember there’s more than one way to nail it.

Happy ….. FRIDAY! Xx


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